Big Syphe and Eric D-Lux

Two ambitious minds from similar worlds were destined to unite. Hypnotizing the streets of Los Angeles with flawless concepts that would change the way we listen to music. Incorporating Mexican culture into their passion DJ'ING...gained them status on the streets of LA. This dynamic duo had no idea that taking gigs like backyard boogies and 18 & over clubs and demonstrating their talents for Pamela Anderson (she hosted their mixtape...) would lead them to the number one station in Los Angeles. Street teams and mix tapes were just the beginning now they can be heard coming through the airwaves Eric D-Lux and Big Syphe welcome you to their daily “Puro Pari.” No invitation necessary "MI CASA ES SU CASA, TOMA!!!

***Check out pics from Eric D Lux B-Day Bash @ Club 740 in the galleries section. 11-21-7***

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