Dj Erick Rincon

Erick Rincon born August 17 1993 is a DJ and producer from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He’s been producing tribal guarachero tracks for about five years now.

Tribal is a mix between between cumbia (lots of percussion) and electronic music (rave-y sounds, horns) that started in Mexico City and now has a massive following throughout Mexico. Some of the biggest exponents of the genre are DJ Mouse, DJ Alan Rosales, DJ Tetris, as well as the up-and-coming “Colectivo Tribal Monterrey,” which Erick Rincon is a part of. You can hear tribal music at La Bodeguita de Rafa in Mexico City and Arco Iris Club, where Erick is resident DJ.

If you like what you hear you should also check out DJ Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto for more tribal, and follow Erick on Twitter: @erickrincon.

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