Dj Future Interview

Orange County cali

What made you start Djing?
I have always loved music, started producing hip hop for local upcoming artist
and one day i went to a house party and saw a DJ do insane things with the turntables and that motivated me to do my own mixing

Why did you choose DJ Future as a name?
The name future came from an ex gf back in high school when i was all into computers, producing beats and trying to make new sounds. She was like future
should be your name with all this computer technology you use. Originally i wanted to be DJ technology but all my friends liked the name future and it just took of 9 years later. Still banging the name

How long have you been Djing?
I been djing for about 3 years now

Any influences?
DJ vice, Eric D Lux,

Where was your first gig and what was so special about that night?
It was at abandoned office and we had about 90+ people just partying their asses off, we only had one old as speaker bumping inside and that pretty much did it.
This night was special because we were tresspassing and my friend had the keys to the office and decided to throw a party there, luckily everything went well and turned into a night i will never forget.

What is your favorite record of all time?
I'm an R&B kinda guy so im going to say Jagged Edge when he came out with his CD "Hard" people gotta check out that album so they could understand what real music is.

Where can we hear you spin?
I currently have 3 residence one is at Taco Beach in downtown Long Beach, big shout out to all the overnightevent supporters u guys make it hella fun to spin there.
My other spots consist of Club Blue in Westminter and Spoons Cantina Lounge every friday night.

What's in DJ Future's future?
Definitely going back to producing beats, right now the electro and tribal scene is whats poppin and ultimately get a spot at a radio station. I began doing some business last year but had to put it on hold. You know what they say "competition never sleeps" so its time to get on it!

For bookings email

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got love him for liking jagged edge im fan as well !!!
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