Generation X Interview

What venues do you promote?

-“La Mirage, I have been here for 13 years”.

Any insights for up and coming promoters?

-“We have three different promoters that are always raising the bar for nightlife entertainment; my own which is Generation X, Elite, and Dangerous Promoters. We always have something new every week. We focus more on having residential DJ’s here at La Mirage”.

What changes have you seen in night life today?

-“Definitely music, it has changed from the techno to hip hop. Fashion also has changed through out the ages. This is a starter kit for the clubs that are 18 and over’.

What sets you apart from your competition?

-“Well first of all we have two rooms and they both play different music. If you are in the mood for some Spanish music like merengue and salsa, you have it here. Once your tired of that and you want some hip hop, electro and techno you can walk right across the hall way and there you have it. Not to many clubs have the vibe that La Mirage has, it makes us different”.

How did you get into promoting?

-“It all started 23 years ago, I started off as a DJ for clubs, and then I switched to promoting. I found Promoting a lot easier then being a DJ, and I've enjoyed it ever since”.

What makes an event successful?

-“Hard work, dedication, and consistancy with anything you do. Sometimes you can plan something but its never a for sure thing, you just have to hope for the best. Back in the days when we used to promote, all we had was flyers. We would go around and just pass them out. Now with new technology we have social outlets such as myspace and media companies like you, but most importantly never loose touch with major connections”.

What is in Generation X's future?

-“I pretty much did everything. I want to continue to concentrate and working here at La Mirage. I want La Mirage to continue to grow”.

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