Overnight Story From Danny In Ontario Ca

Well this incident isnt crazy but its good enough for a laugh. Everytime I go to take a leak in the bathroom of a club, I always f-in start laughing my ass off because of this incident. This was back when I was in Las Vegas, about May of this year. Anyway, I'm walking into the bathroom of this club to take a leak, and it's a small bathroom (1 toilet and 1 urinal), and theres a guy semi-passed out, pants around his ankles sitting ON THE URINAL like he's taking a sh*t on it. I just stop in my tracks with a HUGE "WTF?" look on my face. Then I couldn't help it - I laughed!. Mind you I'm still holding the bathroom door open. Im f-in DYING, cracking the f**k up all over the place and this guy is still just sitting there, on the urinal, groaning with his face in his hands. No one was in the toilet area, and I wanted to ask him, "Dude, why are you taking a smash on the urinal?" Dude started mumbling all kinds of sh*t so I just closed the door and left the surprise for someone else to find. Poor guy.

****LMFAO!!! Whatever. I know you party animals have had some crazy overnight memories, so lets hear it. Send your stories to and we'll post it for discussion.

10.04.08 1:44 pm [ delete ]
ooooo...excuse me sir.. r u part og the guapezzee overnightevent famil productions
07.14.08 9:14 pm [ delete ]
LOL! Classic.....
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