Rina Love Interview

What are your favorite GoGo accessories?
My Favorite gogo accessories would have to be my costumes/outfits. i get to play dress up all the time and escape into character.

Where does your internal energy and motivation come from?
My energy is natural, my motivation is the music

Do you practice your moves or is it spontaneous?
No, I do not practice my moves. my moves are as spontaneous as the DJ's Music is.

What do you enjoy the most about performing?
If i have to choose ONE thing it would have to be the energy i bring to the atmosphere that i am in while I'm dancing.

Describe your personal fashion?
I would have to say my style is fun yet sassy at the same time.

Would you say that your dance style is sassy, seductive or sexy?
My dance style is a little bit of everything; sassy, seductive and sexy. I don't have a specific style.

What is your favorite style of music to perform to?
I love dancing to ALL music but my favorite would have to be HOUSE MUSIC. In House music there are so many beats you can catch a rhythm to, there is no limit to the style of dance you can apply.

What’s the most challenging element of being a GoGo dancer?
For me, the most challenging element is knowing that no matter how professional I am there will always be someone to judge me for being a gogo dancer and not knowing me as a person.

When you have free time to go out what do you prefer to do?
When I have free time, I love spending it with my family....
I am a mother of a beautiful almost three year old little girl and every little bit of time I have to spend with her and my fiance between my day job and my gogo gigs I dedicate to spending it with them. whether it be at home painting, watching movies, dancing or going out to the park, Chuck E. Cheese, Disneyland, etc. I enjoy every moment I have with them.

What does being a go-go dancer mean to you and what are the misconceptions you and other go-go dancers face?
It means being an artist, a performer, a people person. a lot of misconceptions my self along with other gogo dancers face is the disrespect we get from people that are ignorant to what go go dancers do outside of the night life.
A lot of people think that gogo dancers are "groupies" that hang out with the DJs/Promoters, dance for free drinks in the club, etc. People do not know that Most gogo dancers do have a day job, are in school or have families of their own to provide for. For a lot of Talented gogo dancers "gogo dancing" is a fun hobby we get paid for to make extra cash to pay off tuition or those extra bills. I mean a lot of us have a passion for dancing and to be given an opportunity to play dress up and get paid to dance and party at the same time, "why not?" I bet if you were able to you would.

What are your long term industry goals?
I would like to grow as a dancer, possibly travel to dance in different cities, do music videos, photo shoots. i love meeting new people and working with different artists is a great honor.

Your favorite venues?
My favorite venues are Mariposa LBC and Blitz Ultra Lounge in Alhambra. The team at both places are like family!

Any shout outs?
I would like to give a shout out to all the promoters and venues that have hired me, thank you for giving me the opportunity to dance with you. To the beautiful ladies I have danced with, you all are amazing. To all the new fans I have made, you guys rock... I grow everyday with your support..
Last but not least, to those few family members and friends who have supported me every step of the way! Thank you for having my back, no one can stand in my way!

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I want to thank Rina Love for a great interview! She is truly a genuine person.
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